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Building the future

Established in 2009, Mshazi Photographers boasts over 9 years of product and service excellence. Mshazi Photographers is proud to be a Level 1 BBBEE contributor.

We offer a professional photography & video service at the majority of graduation ceremonies, cooperate events, weddings, conferences, awards ceremonies. Our photographers can take an individual portrait of you as well as photographs with family members and friends. At Mshazi Photographers we approach every event quietly and unobtrusively, whilst building up a unique story of all the significant moments. Our aim is to capture the spirit and feel of the day, ensuring that the biggest day of your life will never be forgotten. We look for original compositions and beautiful light, to turn your pictures into something you would


Our Vision is to be the world leader in digital photographic & digital video production, services and solutions that exceeds the needs and expectations for our clients through hard work, innovative, commitment and continuous creativity.

Our mission is to create dynamic, comfortable photography & digital video recording sessions that allow the client to relax and reveal his or her true personality. We also value individuality and understand each client’s needs and photography style will be different, making us passionate about getting to know each client.

Fearless Leaeders

Sandile Nzuza

Project Manager

Bongi Nzuza

Finance Manager

History & Background

Sandile & Primrose Nzuza established Mshazi Photographers in 2006 having worked in the photographic field for many years.
Our passion for the subject from an early age, coupled with extensive and varied experience, has evolved into the distinct and original style which is evident in our work today.
In March 2006 Sandile Nzuza went to Johannesburg for a soccer match between Kaizer Chiefs and Bloemfontein Celtic which was in FNB stadium that is now called Soccer City. Sandile noticed the guy that was taking instant photos in the stadium and he also took one and gave it to Primrose. Sandile explained this amazing technology and Primrose was impressed therefore they decided to buy this equipment with an intention to boost the business and introduce new technology.

We started using this new technology our clients were impressed and they enjoyed every minute because we could feel that things were going well. Our customers become very happy because we were printing the photos same time without wasting time.

When we first started this business she were going house to house approaching people, as time goes Primrose decided to go to Gugu Dlamani Park which is in Durban City Central just to check if the business can be viable out there.

Things did not go well out there due to the fact that there were other photographers that were working out there even though they did not have printers. Those photographers were threatened when they saw her printer and they informed her that she was not allowed to use her own printer out there.

Primrose strongly believes that she is a strong woman and she knew that no one was going to stop her to do what she knows. She was the only woman that was working as a photographer in the park and she was the first person that came with the photo printer. In 2006 she continued looking for other places where she could take her business to and she found Durban Blue Lagoon Beach.

People come from different places to enjoy themselves in Durban Blue Lagoon Beach and the photos are were in demand out there.

We have learnt that we must keep doing the research for her business so that we could create more job opportunities and take the business to another level.

Now Mshazi Photographers even deals with graduations ceremonies, weddings, conferences, concerts, traditional and religious events including Father Christmas photo shoots, student’s cards, ID photos and passport photos schools class photos

Besides taking photographs we also do digital video recordings